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Tibetan Green Book Information


Following links are official Green Book Forms (in Tibetan):

Why GB Matters? Read for more details from CTA’s Department of Finance.

You can also contact Office of Tibet Green Book Coordinator Mr. Lhakpa Tsering (212) 213-5010 ex:15

The July 1972 General Assembly of the Tibetan Freedom Movement’s recommended all Tibetans living in exile make a monthly voluntary contribution to the Tibetan Government in Exile. A monthly voluntary contribution of Indian one Rupee was suggested.

The following month different Tibetan communities began contributing towards this initiative. The organization set up to collect voluntary contributions is the Tibetan Freedom Movement and their local chapters. The voluntary contributions are asked from every Tibetan above the age of 6 to help pay the expenses of the Tibetan government in exile, also referred to as the Central Tibetan Administration. The Tibetan Freedom Movement is an organization under the Assembly of Tibetan Peoples Deputies (the Tibetan Parliament in Exile).

Over the years due to financial inflation, the monthly voluntary contribution has also been increased. Today for example, Tibetans who live outside India, Nepal and Bhutan above the age of 18 pays contributes US $96 annually. Unemployed and students pay US $46 and those financial difficulties make a nominal contribution. There are also individuals who contribute more than US $96 and individuals that run successful businesses in India and Nepal make a more substantial contribution from their annual profit. The total amount raised annually is used towards the partial funding of the Tibetan Government in Exile.

The Green Book has over the years in effect has become the passport of the exiled Tibetans to claim their rights from the Tibetan Government in Exile. Also in future it will become a base to claim Tibetan citizenship. Today, it is used for school admission, school or university scholarship, and employment within the exiled community. Payment of the voluntary contribution is a condition to gain voting rights in parliamentary elections.

Tibetans inside Tibet do not have Green Books. If a Tibetan were to return and be found with one, it would undoubtedly be a basis for persecution since the Green Book is the most official document issued by the Tibetan Government in exile.

(Source: Government of Tibet in Exile)

Annual Dues:
Tibetans residing outside India, Nepal and Bhutan above the age of 18 and employed: US $96

Students and Unemployed: US $46

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