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 Tibetan Language School 

Tibetan Language School was formed in 2011 and has become a centerpiece program of the Tibetan Association of Philadelphia. As we believe younger generation Tibetans are the future seeds of Tibet, the mission of the school is to preserve the rich culture and heritage of Tibet; educate our children in Tibetan language, performing arts, history, and religion, and empower them to engage fully and meaningfully in our community and the broader world.


Tibetan Sunday School is being held every Sunday from 10am-1pm.  Currently, there are 8 volunteer teachers and 24 students in the program ages four to eighteen years old.  Students are taught to read, write and speak Tibetan, history, performing arts and religion. The school is truly a community endeavor, led by a parent’s committee and taught by volunteer teachers.


We actively participate and engage with broader communities in special events throughout the year, sharing the unique culture and traditions of Tibet with our families, friends and neighbors, and exposing our children to the rich diversity of life in the greater Philadelphia area.







We also need donations (financial and or any kind) in the following areas:


General school supplies

Teaching aids


Arts and Crafts supplies

Field trips

If you would like further information or wish to offer time or resources, please contact us:


Mrs. Dechen Kunsang, Director of Sunday School, 610-952-4059

Mrs. Dawa Chungdak, Assistant, 610-952-5788

Annual Membership

Our membership is open to all

Children (age 2-12) = $7
Children (age 13-18) = $25

Support Our Dream for a Cultural Center


At the moment, our greatest need is for a permanent space for our school and community center.  

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